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My FAVE small shop items!

Kelsey Wilkins

Posted on January 02 2017

My FAVE small shop items!

Hey guys, I hope that you all had a fun NYE! I'm starting off 2017 by giving you all a list of my favorite small shop mama tees! Okay, so I have way more than 12, but this is my first blog post and I want to keep it short and sweet! Come back next week to see 12 more.

1. Little Hooligans - Mommin' Ain't Easy pullover

Okay, so I have to admit, even though this is my own item, it is my go-to pullover! I wear it probably every other day. Grab yours HERE.


2. Sweetees - Mother Hustler hoodie

Black and gold? Yes please! Not only are these hoodies soft and cozy, it accurately describes moms. Because we are all mother hustlers! Grab yours HERE.


3. Moots Clothing - Death Before Decaf tee

Honestly, I am not sure I have ever even tried decaf. Why is decaf even a thing? Grab yours HERE.


4. Loved by Hannah and Eli - Mama Bear tee


We're all mama bears, so proudly display it in this black v neck. Bonus, pink GLITTER ink. Grab yours HERE.


5. Root Avenue - Trouble Maker tee

Makin' babies and trouble. Match with your littles, and also snag their kids trouble tee! Grab yours HERE.


6. Little Hooligans - Mommin' Ain't Easy raglan

Mommin' aint easy, but its so worth it. This unisex raglan will be your go to tee! Grab yours HERE.


7. River Babe Threads - Team No Sleep raglan

This one basically describes it self. Unless you are one of the lucky ones, and your kids actually sleep. We all envy you. Grab yours HERE.


8. Still Rad - Mombie tee

Okay, so not only is this tee shirt hilariously true.. Its amazingly comfortable. Who else is a mombie? Grab yours HERE.


9. The Blue Envelope - Mama hoodie

I absolutely LOVE this mama defined hoodie from TBE. Not only does she have a mama option, she also has dad, teach, and grade level tees. Grab yours HERE.


10. Hazzard Lane Clothing - What Is Sleep? tee

I can't even with this tee. Seriously so accurate for my life. My 5 year old enjoys waking up at 6 am. While my 2 year old likes to get up middle of the night and hop into our bed. Toss in a 3 month old who nurses every 3 hours. You get the point. Grab yours HERE.


11. Wire and Honey - I Love You Because.. tee

I love everything that Wire and Honey stands for! Whether talking about a beloved child that you adopted or a significant other, this is the tee for you. Grab yours HERE.


12. Fresh Apparel - #themomlife sweater

Messy bun, check. Coffee, check. Leggings, check. Target, double check. Grab yours HERE.


I hope you loved seeing a few of my favorites! Check in next Sunday for a list of my go to mama {and non mama!} items!


xoxo, Kelsey

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