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Tons of baby items you NEED!

Kelsey Wilkins

Posted on January 11 2017

Okay, so this post is slightly late, #momlife, and I was originally going to talk about my favorite shops with plus size tees. BUT, I am going to save that one for next week. Instead today I want to tell you about all of my favorite baby items. I have three boys, and back in 2012 when I had Easton, I really had no idea about this whole "small shop world". Now, flash forward to 2017, almost everything I have for them (maybe not Easton so much because he is 5) is from small businesses. Making this list gave me some serious baby fever, and I have a three month old! Haha. So go check it out, I hope you love these brands as much as I do!


1. Finch Designs:

Okay, so Lisa over at Finch designs has some of the BEST baby gifts I have seen! From nursing scarfs, swaddles and these adorable stuffed items.. I can kinda guarantee you will want everything, so sorry about that! Grab yours HERE!


2. Gigi and Max:

Gigi and Max has the cutest coming home outfits I have seen! She has so many to choose from, and there is a little bit of everything for everyone. Don't be fooled by imposters, all these sets are HANDMADE. You won't find this quality anywhere else. Grab yours HERE!


3. Feltman and Co:

Her teethers and rattles are perfect for your new babe. So many different colors and shapes to choose from! When you are looking for a teether for your new little bundle, you want to make sure you are purchasing from someone who is compliant and has met all the safety requirements for childrens items. Look no further, because Feltman and Co is just that! Grab yours HERE!


4. Mirando Brand

Looking for a super soft, custom blanket for your babe? Mirando Brand has you covered! So many different color and font options, I know you will find one you love! The perfect finishing touch for your baby bag! Grab yours HERE.


5. Rocker Bye Baby

If you are searching for custom baby bedding, look no further than Rocker Bye Baby. She has SO many different fabric options for you to choose from. I don't really love any bedding that I have found in stores, I am so glad that I found her custom shop! Grab yours HERE.


6. NursElet

Game changer, guys. This is a hands-free solution to make breastfeeding and pumping easier and more comfortable for any nursing mom. Keep it on the wrist of the last side you nursed on so you don't forget what size to feed with next. Once you are ready to nurse or pump simply put it on your shirt and you don't have to worry about it slipping down. Grab yours HERE.


7. Covered Goods

These multi-use covers are a lifesaver. Use it as a carseat cover, a nursing cover, a grocery cart cover.. and when you are done using it for that, put it around your neck as a super cute scarf! I love the versatility of this, and also because I don't need to tote around 4 extra items! Grab yours HERE.


8. DockATot

We were lucky enough to have gotten this as one of our baby shower gifts, and I will tell you now it is the greatest thing, ever. I will swear by this thing until the day that Ryder grows out of it, and even then I can size up and get the bigger DockATot. Napping, tummy time, diaper changes are a breeze with this. Grab yours HERE.


9. Baresoles Moccasins

My favorite handmade moccasins, by far are Baresoles! The tiny little newborn sized moccs are just the finishing touch to all your new babes outfits. Each pair is handmade to order. Keep your eyes out because she offers a moccasin of the week, for $20.17, and it changes every week! Grab yours HERE.


10. Little Hooligans:

These tiny miracle gowns are so soft, and perfect for diaper changes. Don't fuss with snaps and little legs, slip them into this perfect little gown. Grab yours HERE.



I hope you enjoy all of these items as much as I do! Check out our post next week! xoxo, Kelsey


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